Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most patients’ first encounter with an oral surgeon occurs if they have impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth come in incorrectly or don’t come in all the way, your dentist will often recommend having the teeth extracted by an oral surgeon.

Teeth may need to be removed by an oral surgeon due to damage, whether from trauma caused by an accident or tooth decay. Your dentist may recommend that a tooth be removed if it is too damaged to be saved, & will cause you more discomfort or pain if it remains in your mouth.

In some situations, an oral surgeon may remove teeth at the start of orthodontic (braces) treatment. This usually happens when teeth are overcrowded in the jaw & would be difficult to straighten unless teeth are removed. In these situations, your orthodontist will create your treatment plan in cooperation with an oral surgeon.

At Northlake Dental Clinic, we always take a conservative approach to tooth removal, & we will only recommend extractions when absolutely necessary for your continued oral health & comfort.